Name: Arashi Yokoshima

Age: Unknown and hard to gauge due to his size

Height: 4'6"

Notable features: A tribal tattoo on his left hand

Occupation: Unemployed

Likes: Old world weapons, preparing tea, fighting, naps

Dislikes: Speaking Standard, loud people, liars, being woken up from a nap

Skills: Is an experienced martial artist; can absorb a person's "essence" or the incorporeal force that binds the soul to the body

Little is known about Yoko before he came to live in Solace. According to his municipal records, Yoko emigrated from Greentree seven years prior to the beginning of the story. Since then, he has lived alone and has not been employed. While Yoko is not especially social, he spends a great deal of time watching people go about their lives. Most of his close contact with others is with his brothers; he considers himself close to Hiroki but is not very fond of Tokoyo.

Yoko makes most of his money by selling human "essences" and some other old world artifacts to Alan Keys, though how he gets enough money to survive from Alan is unknown.

It was Yoko who noticed the presence of all seven Shards as well as his father in Solace, though the significance of this is yet unknown by anyone but himself and his brothers. Other than this observation, Yoko usually seems to be the least aware of supernatural goings-on in the city, and most of what he does know, he learns from Hiroki. For instance, this is how Yoko found out that Tokoyo had abducted Julian and was subsequently able to go to his rescue. This incident was the first demonstration of Yoko's somewhat unnatural stealth and climbing abilities.

Tokoyo and Hiroki's younger half-brother;
Sells items to Alan, and knows Quinn and Rabbit through those transactions;
Saved Julian after Tokoyo abducted him.

First appearance: Book 1, chapter 20