Name: Kouhei Tokoyo

Age: Unknown, probably mid- to late-thirties

Height: 5'11"

Notable features: Purple hair (he dyes it to fit his "quirky scientist" facade)

Occupation: Scientist

Likes: The cold, self-contained foods (like calzones or burritos), making lists

Dislikes: Shaving everyday, "no smoking" signs, incompetence in his employees

Skills: A very good memory

Little is known about Tokoyo before he came to live in Solace, but his name is well known in the city and he moves through the circles of the city's political and intellectual elite with ease. He has lived in Solace for at least twenty years, and in that time he has established a partially private, partially government-funded research corporation. Though his employees do a great deal of research into sustainable food and energy, he personally oversees genetic and biological research himself.

Though he can be charismatic if he tries and likes to cultivate the image of a quirky, somewhat absent-minded scientist when in the presence of others, Tokoyo is not fond of contact with other people, and especially keeps his brothers at a distance. The only exception to his general rule of self-isolation is his assistant Asher, who is the only person other than his brothers who knows about the condition of his body.

At some point in his past, Tokoyo's body died. He was revived through a lost arcane technique performed by his brother Hiroki, and currently, though his mental function is unchanged, his body is artificially sustained and preserved through treatments administered by his brother with increasing frequency. Though he is a skilled combatant, Tokoyo's body is too fragile for him to engage in much physical activity, and as a precaution against cellular breakdown he keeps his home and workplace at very low temperatures, to which he himself seems immune.

Increasingly unsettled by Hiroki's behavior, Tokoyo decided to find a way of maintaining his body on his own. To that end, he conducted research and ultimately discovered Julian's healing powers. Despite knowing that Julian was a Shard, he abducted and experimented on him, hoping to find a way of either replicating Julian's healing abilities or transferring them to his own body. He was unable to do this before Julian was rescued by Yoko, and shortly afterward he was found dead in his home. His body, in an advanced state of decay, was found in a tub of ice, and the air temperature in the apartment was below freezing. The manner of his death was baffling to the SPD and it has not yet been discovered what actually happened to him that led to his death.

• Is Hiroki and Yoko's older brother
• Has met Maxwell several times at social events
• Investigated and later abducted Julian to find out more about his healing power
• Employs Asher Szatmári as a personal assistant

First appearance: Book 1, chapter 20