Name: Teyen

Age: Unknown, appears in be in his mid- to late twenties

Height: 5'9"

Notable features: Blind in his left eye

Occupation: Busboy

Likes: His cat, babysitting Sem, muffins, justice

Dislikes: Tea, being wet, the color red

Skills: Electrosynthesis (the ability to turn his body into a series of electrical impulses), electrokinesis (the ability to manipulate external electrical impulses)

Very little is known about Teyen's past or about him in general, and he has strived to keep it that way. His dual personality as the Surge and as Teyen make his life problematic: as the vigilante, he's fearless and calculating, but as Teyen, he finds it difficult to function among normal people because he understands machines better than other people. He has worked hard his whole life to keep the two sides of himself separate, both to keep himself safe and to keep himself sane. However, due to recent events, he has found it more and more difficult to draw a clear line between his everyday life and his life as the Surge. This could be because of the gathering of the Shards or because of the trauma he suffered at Greg's hands, but no matter what the cause, he is increasingly unable to keep what he has always thought of as two halves of himself from blurring together.

Works with and babysits for Cross
Was caught by Maxwell, and met Julian, Phineas, and Ashe while being held captive
Did not hit it off with Sasha, who is somewhat jealous of the attention Julian gives to him
Went to Riyad and the other Protectors of Antiquity for help when Julian went missing and met Rabbit at that time
Confessed to Nyr when he was a priest, and confided in him the abuse he suffered as Greg's captive

First appearance: Book 2, chapter 1