Name: Riyad Shihar D'sen

Age: 28

Height: 5'7"

Notable features: A tattoo of his family crest on his left hip

Occupation: Artifact appraiser for the Protectors of Antiquity

Likes: Cooking, breaking tradition, storytelling

Dislikes: Being idle, visiting his family, winter

Skills: The ability to identify through visual and tactile examination if an object is in some way supernatural

Riyad is the fifth child of the affluent D'sen clan of New Arcadia. His early childhood was fairly idyllic; when he was thirteen or so, both his clan and their bond- family, the Mukshah, made the crossing and settled in Solace. At some point during the crossing, though, something happened to Riyad's mind and, for lack of a better explanation, he went insane, screaming incoherently and trying to claw his way out of the moving container he was in.

In Solace, Riyad was immediately admitted to a mental hospital, and he remained there for the next couple of years. At the time of his release, he had returned more or less to normal, though he would forever carry some stigma for it with his family, as Arcadian society is very intolerant of mental health crises and conditions. After that, he tended to get along only with his eldest sister, Herazade (Whom he refers to as Anusvar or "jackal" in Arcadian) and the youngest of his forty-odd siblings, and he clashed increasingly with his father over almost any thing that presented itself. These clashes continue into the present, due to his father's dissatisfaction with how Riyad is spending his money and time.

After finishing college with a degree in inter-city relations, Riyad joined Ath'ran in establishing the Protectors of Antiquity. In the beginning, his involvement was as the primary source of funds for the new business, drawing on the interest money from what will eventually become his inheritance. It was quite by accident that he discovered his unexplainable but fortuitous ability to assess the supernatural power of objects and, on occasion, other people, but since the discovery of this anomalous talent, he has been responsible for a significant amount of the business's income.

A charismatic and kind person, Riyad is very close to the four men he works with. He and Ath'ran have always been inseparable, and on some levels are closer to one another than brothers or even lovers; he grew up with Du'shan and witnessed the man's descent into chronic depression, and very quickly drew Jin and Nyr into close friendships as he got to know them. Of the three Arcadian men at the Protectors of Antiquity, he is the most open with "outsiders," due to the fact that he views many Arcadian customs and attitudes to be archaic and a product of the desert environment in which they developed, and thus unnecessary and better left forgotten in a place like Solace.

While Riyad loves Ath'ran's children as though they were his own, Riyad's relationship with Ath'ran's wife has always been somewhat strained, as though the two view each other as rivals. Though this was the initial reason behind Riyad's sense of hurt at Ath'ran's withdrawal from his position as head of the Protectors of Antiquity, the prime reason was actually that Riyad felt it was unfortunate for Ath'ran to step down just as his dreams were coming to fruition. Because of this, Riyad has decided that he will do and give everything in his power to make sure that the business fulfills Ath'ran's original goals.

Grew up with, lived with, and worked with Ath'ran and Du'shan for many years
Now also works and lives with Nyr and Jin
Knows Rabbit and Alan through their patronage of the Protectors of Antiquity
Became acquainted with Julian, Cross, and Surge as a result of the search for the Shards
Met Maxwell and Ashe while negotiating for Surge's release

First appearance: Book 1, chapter 11