Name: Nicholas Rabbit

Age: 24

Height: 5'4"

Notable features: Numerous tattoos and piercings

Occupation: SPD consultant; researcher for New Anomalia University

Likes: Video games, vegetarian food, slurpies, math, smoking

Dislikes: The exploitation of children, syringes, panic attacks

Skills: Is a mathematical savant

Rabbit's biological parents died when he was young and he and his three siblings became wards of the state. Rabbit was soon adopted by a rich and politically influential couple, Samuel and Lilith Young, who had taken an interest in his intellectual skills, which Sam utilized in his black market drug and flesh trade dealings. In addition, Sam sexually abused him as a child and Lilith was physically and emotionally abusive toward him as a result. The two major results of his upbringing with the Youngs were a lingering case of post-traumatic stress disorder and a graduate degree at age sixteen. In a misguided attempt to deal with the effects of the former, Rabbit regularly took a drug analogous to contemporary meth throughout his late teens and early twenties.

Sam died when Rabbit was eighteen, and shortly afterward, Rabbit met Alan Keys and his "son" Quinn. Alan has apparently known some of Rabbit's past lives and over time has grown attached to him; this is the reason he gives Rabbit the time of day. Rabbit was able to learn some basic tenets of necromancy from Alan, but never studied the topic seriously. Some years later, around age 23, Rabbit was involved in a deadly traffic accident that destroyed most of his organs and killed him; he was brought back to life as a golem by Alan, who reconstructed the missing parts of his body.

When Sam died, he left all of his assets to Rabbit. As a result, Rabbit is able live without a regular job. Instead, he does research into theoretical mathematics for one of the city's universities, and also occasionally does freelance consultant work for the SPD, which his experience with Sam's business and business associates qualifies him for. It is through the latter that he met Julian and became aware that he had died and that his body was no longer that of a regular living organism. It was also through this meeting and his subsequent meetings with Caine that Rabbit became aware of the existence of the Shards and his own position as the Metamorph (a sort of battery storing divine power, which he is unable to tap in to at will).

Though he was initially uncertain about his situation both as a golem and as a Shard, Rabbit has come to terms with both. Though he knows about the Protectors of Antiquity and their mission to find the Shards, Rabbit has chosen not to identify himself because Caine hasn't yet done so. Also initially uncertain of Julian's reasons for being so friendly toward him, after getting to know him better, Rabbit has settled into a comfortable if somewhat distant friendship with the other man. Despite his antisocial nature, Rabbit has also resolved to make friends with Caine. This decision was made at least partially out of guilt for how often he contacts Caine only to tap into the knowledge he has through his powers and how patient and congenial Caine is toward him despite this.

Is friends/pseudo-siblings with Alan and Quinn
Became partners with Julian and after some hesitance became friends with him
Knows Ath'ran and the other Protectors of Antiquity through Alan and the business he does with them
Occasionally does technical work for Billy and met Caine through her
Acquainted with Hiroki through the university
Occasionally does work for Maxwell, who he knew through his late adoptive father
Met Surge and Sasha while investigating Julian's disappearance

First appearance: Book 1, chapter 4