Name: Quinn

Age: Unknown, at least 900

Height: 6'3"

Notable features: Gray skin, pointed ears, fangs, tail, silver-white markings on his right shoulder and hip and the left side of his face

Occupation: Mystic and store clerk

Likes: Meat sandwiches, his soul bottle collection, climbing things

Dislikes: Staying inside for too long, headaches, being touched too much

Skills: Interpreting situations and facts to create insight (though he has no actual telepathic or precognitive abilities), senses and feeds on negative emotions of those around him

Quinn was born during the Cataclysm from the amassed negative emotion and energy of the people living at that time. He lived wild for several years during the chaos of that time before he was found and adopted by Alan, who taught him to behave, more or less, like a human.

Though Quinn's methods of processing thoughts, emotions and sensory input are only roughly analogous to those of a human, he is able to imitate humans well enough to pass as one. In addition, with the techniques that Alan has taught him, he can mask himself with the appearance of a human so that he doesn't have to remain indoors and out of sight at all times. In his work as a fortuneteller, he has no actual ability to predict the future, but uses his empathic powers and instincts to skew his readings appropriately for each individual who comes to see him.

Quinn is not the sort to involve himself with other people any more than he has to. He considers Alan and Rabbit to be "his" but doesn't care much about the well-being or concerns of other people. For this reason, he is unconcerned about anything that happens with the Protectors of Antiquity or the Shards outside of how it directly affects him and the people he considers to be "his."

Friends with Rabbit and adoptive son to Alan
Knows Yoko through the business he does with Alan
Met Julian when he came into the shop
Is acquainted with the Protectors of Antiquity through their business with Alan

First appearance: Book 1, chapter 8