Name: Phineas Maxwell

Age: 15

Height: 5'2"

Notable features: Has a very skinny physique despite eating a great deal

Occupation: None

Likes: Sweet things, inventing and making toys, goggles, cybernetics

Dislikes: The dark, being hungry, falling, burned food

Skills: Great intuition about mechanical and cybernetic workings, can speak Yiddish

Phineas's mother was a maid in Maxwell's estate with whom Maxwell had an affair; Maxwell was prepared to ignore his illegitimate son until he found out that the boy was of genius-level intelligence. Consequently, Phineas came to live at the Maxwell estate at age five, and until recently believed the story Maxwell created for the public: that he had been adopted from a poor family so that he would have the opportunity to truly use his intellectual gifts.

Growing up, Phineas got along with his father much better than his older brother did in general due to the fact that he tended to react to his father's demands with logic rather than emotion. Observing his father, Phineas learned quickly how to manipulate situations to his benefit and was able to compromise with Maxwell most of the time. As a result, Phineas and Maxwell tended to coexist amicably; simultaneously, Phineas and Julian became increasingly alienated from one another due to the differences in the way they processed their situations.

Phineas never attended public schools. His intellect was advanced enough at an early age that he took accelerated courses with personal tutors at home, and was ultimately complete several college level degrees at home. Busy with his studies, Phineas never made any friends his own age, and rarely even left the Maxwell estate at all, let alone by himself.

At fifteen, Phineas grew bored and decided to take a trip to No Town at the northern- most end of Solace. There, he met Ethan, Madam Cho and her employees, and spent several weeks exploring and observing the area, in between bouts of creating and manufacturing toys in the underground laboratory left to Ethan by his late guardian. His "vacation", as he had come to think of it, ended when his brother Julian came to No Town and escorted him back home, where his father punished him for disappearing.

Not long afterward, Ethan set out to find him and was abducted by Maxwell in an attempt by the latter to find out exactly what had gone on while Phineas was outside the range of his surveillance. When Phineas found out, he bartered the manufacture of one item of his father's choice for his new friend's release. This compromise ultimately led Phineas to design and build a machine that would be able to detect the presence of the Surge in the wires, forcibly draw him out into his physical form, and detain him by nullifying his electrosynthetic abilities. Though Phineas was very proud of his creation and how well it had worked, his father seemed to have little regard for anything but the vigilante who was now his captive, and paid little attention to his son's accomplishment.

During Surge's stay at their compound, Phineas had several discussions with the man concerning his powers, the kind of work he did, and about Phineas's own abilities to work with technology. The two got along well, due to a mutual difficulty in properly understanding other peoples' thought and emotional processes.

After Surge left the estate to return to his own home, Phineas's life resumed its normal monotony until his brother came home to recover from Tokoyo's experimentation on him. It was at this time, during an argument with Julian, that Phineas finally found out that Maxwell was his biological father. Unable to understand how his real father could treat him so distantly, Phineas confronted Maxwell and was told that by isolating him emotionally, Maxwell had successfully made him a strong, independent individual. Shortly afterward, Phineas disappeared again. His whereabouts and status are currently unknown.

Is Maxwell's son and Julian's younger half-brother
Grew up around Ashe and considers him family
Invented a machine to capture Surge and got to know him while he stayed at Maxwell's
Knows Rabbit through the work he does for Maxwell
Got to know Ethan, Madam Cho and the workers at the restaurant and brothel while staying in No Town

First appearance: Book 1, chapter 1