Name: Nyr Kelley

Age: 29

Height: 5'9"

Notable features: None

Occupation: Medical staff for the Protectors of Antiquity

Likes: The smell of home cooking, honesty, having the time to do nothing

Dislikes: his weight, scales, shopping, eating alone in public

Skills: Medical training

Nyr's parents died when he was young and though he was legally under the care of his grandmother, he grew up in a Catholic boarding school, where he remained after his grandmother also died. After he finished school, he entered seminary and became a priest due to his deeply held religious convictions and because he wanted to repay the church for his upbringing. In addition to this, he received some medical training, something the Catholic church in Solace requires of their workers, due to the fact that they are a very small minority in the city; in this way they can minister to their congregation in more ways than just the spiritual, when necessary.

During his years as a priest, Nyr slowly became disillusioned with his chosen path. Watching the members of the congregation at his church, performing weddings, and being involved in other peoples' lives but unable to experience the things he saw for himself, he realized that there were things he wanted in life that the life of a priest didn't provide him with. He wanted the unconditional love of a human being, not just of a faraway god.

While Nyr struggled with his crisis of faith, he regularly received confessions from a man who he became convinced was the Surge. Though he knew him only by the sound of his voice, when this man disappeared for some time and then reappeared only to relate the fact that he had been held prisoner and abused, Nyr decided that something needed to be done for him. Though he had his own reasons for leaving the priesthood, it was his decision to break his vows and help the man he believed was the Surge that was ultimately the catalyst for his decision to re-enter secular life.

Nyr found the chance to help the Surge when he saw an ad for the Protectors of Antiquity that requested information about the vigilante. He responded to the ad and, based on his ability to recognize the Surge's voice and on his medical training, he was offered and accepted a job with the Protectors of Antiquity. Since his employment there, he did manage to find Surge and visit with him, though he didn't feel it was right to tell his co-workers the man's identity until the Surge himself was prepared to do so.

Though Nyr has become close to his co-workers, he is particularly drawn to Riyad and has developed a crush on him. He has accepted Du'shan's warning that a relationship between the two of them will probably never happen, and though his religious convictions have him convinced that his feelings for Riyad are wrong, he feels that it will be enough for him just to continue to be around Riyad.

Works and is friends with Ath'ran, Riyad, Du'shan, and Jin
Knows Rabbit and Alan through their patronage of the Protectors of Antiquity
Met Julian and Cross as a result of the search for the Shards
Knew Teyen from the church where he was a priest

First appearance: Book 1, chapter 13