Name: Julian Vaughn

Age: 25

Height: 5'8"

Notable features:

Occupation: Freelance detective and bodyguard

Likes: Tight clothes, dancing, alcohol, guns

Dislikes: Being ignored or forgotten, weak willed people, being told what to do

Skills: Healing powers (and conversely the power to re-create old wounds), superior marksmanship

Born James Julian Maxwell, Jr., Julian never had any material wants as a child; despite this, his upbringing was emotionally turbulent. His father was manipulative and controlling, his mother was too afraid of him to do anything to help her son, and his younger brother was smarter and generally more acceptable than him by his father's standards. In public he was expected to be wholesome and content, while in private he witnessed many of the less savory aspects of Maxwell's business ventures, as well as his own mother's murder.

When he was older, Julian chose to leave home and join the Solace Military Police, where he rapidly developed great skill with firearms and was promoted to the rank of captain. After serving his term, he considered joining the SPD, but instead chose to work for himself as a freelance private detective/bodyguard. His father, in order to avoid Julian bringing him any embarrassment, helped him to create a new identity prior to his entry into the military police. In this way, Julian was able to cut almost all ties with his family. Despite this, though, he still finds himself easily manipulated by his father into doing his bidding; an example of this is when Phineas went missing, and Maxwell hired Julian to track him down and find him.

While working on this case for his father, Julian met Rabbit and developed an interest in him and over time became convinced that Rabbit was the Surge. He was able to get Rabbit's SPD supervisors to assign him as Rabbit's partner, so that he would have an excuse to spend more time around him in order to try to find out if his suspicions were correct. Maxwell had come to the same conclusion and was able to blackmail Julian into helping him prove it: when both of them were proven incorrect, Julian decided to try to build a friendship with Rabbit anyway.

Some weeks later, Julian met the real Surge at his father's estate, and, having verified the man's identity, was able to go to the Protectors of Antiquity to get help in securing his release. Around this time, Julian also met Sasha, with whom he quickly started a casual sexual relationship that later spiraled out of control somewhat when Sasha became the Witness and subsequently became more attached to Julian than vice versa.

Not long after that, Julian was abducted and experimented on by Tokoyo in order for the latter to research and hopefully reproduce his healing abilities. After being rescued by Yoko, Julian was taken to his father's house, where he was nursed back to health. Unfortunately, while staying at his father's, he had a falling out with Phineas, who later disappeared. Soon afterward, Julian left his father's home and returned as much as possible to his normal life.

Maxwell's son and Phineas's older half-brother
Grew up around Ashe, who he considers a second father and often confides in
Met Ath'ran and the other Protectors of Antiquity when he alerted them about Surge's captivity
Worked with and subsequently befriended Rabbit to track down Greg, and suspected the former of being the Surge
Met Surge after Maxwell captured him and helped him to escape
Lives with Sasha, who is his lover
Briefly met Alan and Quinn while searching for Phineas
Was abducted and experimented on by Tokoyo and later rescued by Yoko

First appearance: Book 1, chapter 2