Name: Cho Xiaoping Jing-jin

Age: 20

Height: 5'3"

Notable features: A tattoo of a winged tiger on his right thigh

Occupation: Technical assistance for the Protectors of Antiquity

Likes: Crab, being upside-down whenever possible, cheating at cards

Dislikes: Amputation/amputees (in a phobic sort of way), being ignored

Skills: Highly developed contorionist and acrobatic skills, trilingual (he speaks two dialects of Chinese and Standard)

Jin grew up in Xifeng as a member of a family of circus performers. He was trained as an acrobat and contortionist from a very young age, and still retains those skills, though he no longer has much use for them. Though Jin liked performing well enough, it was not something he wanted to make a lifelong career of. So when his aunt, Cho Xiao-ling (whom he refers to as Aunty Xiao) moved to Solace, Jin went with her.

In Solace, Jin worked with his aunt to establish her restaurant and brothel in No Town and quickly picked up the technological skills that would later earn him a job with the Protectors of Antiquity. Though Jin has always enjoyed his new job, he was extremely happy with the addition of Nyr to the team because he was no longer the only non-Arcadian, and therefore would not be the only one excluded from "Arcadian" matters.

Jin is pragmatic, caustic, and friendly almost to a fault, whether he wants to be or not. It is probably because of this that he was able to survive his initial encounters with Greg and establish an only marginally abusive relationship with the man. Though Jin did love Greg in his own skewed way, his primary concern was to keep Greg satisfied and under control so that he wouldn't pose a threat to the other Protectors of Antiquity, who Jin considers to be his family. His choice to kill Greg came about not because of Greg's psychosis in general but because of the specific danger he posed to this small group of people.

This incident is indicative of Jin's general attitude toward other people: people are either of the utmost importance to him or they are of none. Jin has no in between. This may be a result of his upbringing as a performer, but he himself thinks it has more to do with one too many head injuries as a child.

Works and is friends with Ath'ran, Riyad, Du'shan, and Nyr
Knows Rabbit and Alan through their patronage of the Protectors of Antiquity
Met Julian, Cross, and Surge as a result of the search for the Shards
Was in a relationship with Greg prior to his death
Is Madam Cho's nephew and knows all of the immigrants who work in her restaurant and brothel
Met Ethan when he came to headquarters to deliver a package from Madam Cho

First appearance: Book 1, chapter 13