Name: Genwaku Hiroki

Age: Unknown, probably mid- to late twenties

Height: 5'5"

Notable features: None

Occupation: Librarian, archival restorationist

Likes: Clothes that don't quite match, linguistics, old books

Dislikes: Having his methods or knowledge questioned, monochromatic colors schemes, bright lights

Skills: Can be quite manipulative when he likes

Though little is known of his early life, unlike his brothers, Hiroki's municipal records state that he has lived in Solace for his whole life, except for a period of several years during which he was studying in Triumph. He works in the library at New Anomalia University, where Caine is finishing his graduate degree and by which Rabbit is employed as a researcher; specifically, Hiroki works in the restoration department, restoring and maintaining the many valuable bound volumes owned by the university. His interest in books and in language is well known among his colleagues.

Hiroki is a very gregarious person, and though he is not especially close to anyone, he seems to know (or want to know) everyone around him. He makes friends easily but doesn't mind when his friendships dissolve either. Most of his close interpersonal contact is with his brothers, particularly Tokoyo, for whom he performs regular treatments of what he simply refers to as "medicine"--a combination of herbal knowledge and somewhat arcane showmanship--in order to keep his brother's cadaverous body from breaking down.

Despite his outgoing nature, Hiroki often displays a detached, almost voyeuristic side of himself. He is fascinated by the way people act and will do nothing to interfere with anything--good or bad--because he would rather observe the outcome of events instead of helping them to play out in a positive and beneficial way.

Is Tokoyo's younger brother and Yoko's older half-brother
Became acquainted with Rabbit and Caine through his work at the university library

First appearance: Book 1, chapter 20