Name: Greg Waters

Age: 43

Height: 6'1"

Notable features: None

Occupation: Unemployed

Likes: Violence, marking his territory, game shows

Dislikes: Being disobeyed, people interfering with him

Skills: Going undetected

Very little is known about Greg's past, and really that's for the best. The salient facts of his life are that he has committed an unknown number of abductions, rapes, and murders. He likes to torture those he kidnaps, occasionally turning them into "pets" but more often slaughtering them in order to eat their flesh. What happened to make him this way? Nothing in particular. He's just sadistic and insane--his position as the Witness and the accompanying round of voices he constantly hears whispering in his mind has only exacerbated his own psychosis.

Around a year prior to the beginning of the story, Greg managed to make quite a catch: he abducted the Surge. He kept the vigilante for around six months, physically, sexually and psychologically abusing him until finally he was careless and Surge managed to escape. After this, aware that Surge would be too frightened to stop him, Greg abducted a series of people who shared many of Surge's physical characteristics in order to send a message to his former pet.

This string of crimes culminated in the abduction, rape and mutilation of a child named William Speight. Greg's serial kidnappings-cum-murders ended with Will because Rabbit and Julian successfully identified Greg as the culprit and tracked him down to his apartment. They broke in while Greg was out and found copious evidence of his activities as well as the child they had been searching for.

When Greg returned to find William had disappeared, he set fire to his apartment in order to destroy the evidence and went into hiding. He tricked a young woman into letting him into her home, killed her, and took over her apartment as his hiding place. This apartment happened to be in the same building that the Protectors of Antiquity are based in, and in this way, Greg noticed and took an interest in Jin. After abducting the young man, the two struck up a somewhat tense, not-quite-romantic relationship before Jin, aware that Greg was a danger to his friends, killed him.

Was in an intimate relationship with Jin for some time
Identified Rabbit as the man who broke into and destroyed his apartment, and who Greg later tried to kill
Abducted and tortured Teyen for several months around a year before the beginning of the story

First appearance: Book 1, chapter 17