Name: Ethan

Age: 17

Height: 6'7"

Notable features: None

Occupation: None

Likes: Milkshakes, eating, kids, cuddling, picking people up

Dislikes: Intrusion on his "territory" (whatever he considers that to be), reading, using his terminal's spell check application

Skills: Being a ladder for Phineas

As a young child, Ethan may have wandered away from his parents, or been kidnapped, or been abandoned. He can't remember, nor can he remember his age or birth date, or anything other than his first name. None of this has ever bothered him unduly as he grew up in No Town. After living on the street for some time, he was taken in by a man named Gabriel Arch, a scientist and inventor who lived in a basement laboratory and made quite a bit of money from creating and installing illegal cybernetic implants.

Gabriel gave Ethan a basic education and looked after him until his death when Ethan was in his early teens. He left all of his money and property to Ethan, and Ethan continues to maintain the lab even though he doesn't know nor is he interested in learning how to use any of the equipment there. In Gabriel's absence, Ethan has been nominally looked after by Madam Cho, though she already has her hands so full with her businesses and taking care of her workers that she doesn't have time to keep track of him.

Following Gabriel's example, Ethan looks after a number of street children living in No Town. This is what he thought Phineas was when they first met and when he later found out the truth, he was initially annoyed at being deceived. Despite this and the fact that he doesn't really feel like he understands Phineas much of the time, he went looking for Phineas after he went back home and was subsequently abducted and beaten by Maxwell.

After being released due to Phineas's machinations, Ethan returned home and has returned to his normal routine of looking after the kids, maintaining the lab (which he has yet to convince Phineas does not belong to him), and patronizing Madam Cho's restaurant and brothel. The only addition is that he has been regularly corresponding with Phineas over the CommNet.

Lives near Madam Cho and her workers and knows them well
Became friends with Phineas when the latter ran away from home
Was abducted by Maxwell when he went looking for Phineas at his home

First appearance: Book 1, chapter 5