Name: Du'shan Mukshah

Age: 33

Height: 5'10"

Notable features: None

Occupation: Security for the Protectors of Antiquity

Likes: Alcohol, getting into fights, writing poetry, the desert, gambling

Dislikes: Solace, his family, being controlled, being patronized

Skills: He's a talented poet and marksman (the two skill sets are unrelated)

Du'shan's father was an Arcadian who broke his bond to the D'sen in order to live independently, and his mother was a woman from New Felicity. As a result, Du'shan has no formal tie to the D'sen family and is somewhat looked down upon as a half-breed in Arcadian society. His father abandoned him and his mother when he was young, and his mother died when he was in his early teens. Du'shan then went to live with his relatives, the Mukshah, in the D'sen clan's compound, and later made the crossing to Solace with the two clans.

Du'shan has had very little formal education, and as a consequence, he can't write, read or speak Standard with complete fluency. Though he is a talented poet and is very good with wordplay in Arcadian, he has never been able to reproduce his work in Standard, and so he has never been able to make a career of writing poetry. In addition, though Arcadian culture is an almost flawless example of gender equality in most respects, the arts are very much sex specific, and poetry is considered to be a feminine art, so Du'shan's interest in it has often been ridiculed by his family.

In Solace, Du'shan found himself in an unfamiliar place, where the only people he could fluently communicate with tend to look down on him as misguided and irresponsible for various reasons. Over time, with no acceptable or productive outlet for his mounting resentment and feelings of alienation, Du'shan withdrew both literally and emotionally from his family, and developed strong self-destructive tendencies. He held a number of generally unsavory odd jobs, and tended to drink, gamble and fight more than was good for him.

It wasn't until around age thirty that his cousin Ath'ran tracked him down to offer him a job with the recently formed Protectors of Antiquity. Ath'ran and Du'shan had developed a close relationship despite their age difference during their first years in Solace, and Ath'ran was extending the job to Du'shan primarily for two reasons: 1) Du'shan was not likely to consider the endeavor a waste of time or beneath his notice and 2) Du'shan needed someone to help him, and the only person he was likely to allow to do so was his cousin.

Though Du'shan's lifestyle has improved since that time, and he has managed to become good friends will all of his coworkers, the miasma of dissatisfaction and depression that Du'shan exists in is still very much a part of his life. He still feels that he doesn't belong in Solace or among Solacians, and he has more or less given up on ever being happy or doing anything that he considers to be fulfilling. For this reason, it's hard for him to adapt to the idea of having to remain alive, safe and healthy for many years to come due to the fact that his lifespan was tied to Ath'ran's when Alan brought him back to life after he died in a bar fight.

Despite all of this, Du'shan is decently content with his day to day life with his friends at the Protectors of Antiquity. He just doesn't look forward to the future.

Grew up, lived, and worked with his cousin Ath'ran and Riyad for many years
Now also works and lives with Nyr and Jin
Knows Rabbit and Alan through their patronage of the Protectors of Antiquity
Met Julian, Cross, and Surge as a result of the search for the Shards

First appearance: Book 1, chapter 11