Name: Caine Rodion

Age: 22

Height: 5'8"

Notable features: Eyes are different color (left is gray and right is brown)

Occupation: Student, sex industry worker

Likes: Dreaming, spicy foods, dancing, free verse poetry

Dislikes: Crass humor, arguing, falling asleep while walking (this has only happened once, but it was unpleasant enough to make the list)

Skills: Pre- and post-cognition

If you imagine the life of a generic middleclass, only child, you have a good idea of Caine's background. After graduating from high school, he finished college in three years with a degree in old world studies and went on to begin a graduate degree in the study of old world religion. Caine has been aware of his identity as the Oracle since a very young age, and this is what prompted him to follow this course of study. Due to his preternatural knowledge of old world subjects, which are the result of his post-cognitive powers, he is almost assured an academic position at the university where he studies once he has finished his degrees. For the time being, he is working as a prostitute in order to put himself through school and to save money so that he can marry his high school sweetheart after he finishes school.

As the Oracle, Caine has no choice but to receive his visions at the moment they occur--he has no way of avoiding their onset. His post-cognitive visions manifest in the form of dreams as he sleeps, and the constant activity of his powers means that he constantly falls asleep in order to receive the information that is being imparted to him. Conversely, precognitive visions occur while Caine is awake and manifest in the form of seizures, which, while in no way harmful to his health in and of themselves, often complicate his day-to-day life, especially due to the fact that he can neither predict or prevent their occurrence. In addition, Caine is unable to change the course of the future he sees, so he tends to view precognitive visions as a chance to prepare himself for what is to come rather than to struggle against the inevitable. This contributes to his almost unshakeable serenity.

Though Caine is willing to give guidance to anyone who asks him for it, he only rarely volunteers his help. His choice to help Rabbit was based mainly on the nature of the visions he has had relating to him; though Caine can't clearly foresee the important events of the near future, his sense is that Rabbit will play a vital role in them and that he has to help him in doing so. However, Caine prefers to work behind the scenes rather than foist his knowledge off on others, so he has refrained from revealing himself to the Protectors of Antiquity and the other Shards despite his knowledge of their identities.

Works for Billie and first met Rabbit, who he later formed a friendship with, when he came to do a job for her
Acquainted with Hiroki through the university

First appearance: Book 1, chapter 12