Name: Ath'ran Mukshah

Age: 28

Height: 6'1"

Notable features: A tattoo of the names of his children on his left breast

Occupation: Founder of the Protectors of Antiquity, businessman

Likes: Family, home cooking, children, puzzles and brain teasers

Dislikes: Irresponsibility, not having enough time

Skills: Remaining calm in stressful situations, putting up with irritating people

As a member of the Mukshah clan, the D'sen family's bond family, Ath'ran grew up as Riyad's best friend and constant companion in New Arcadia. After making the crossing to Solace with the entirety of the two clans, Ath'ran became closer to his somewhat estranged cousin Du'shan while Riyad was in the hospital, and later finished a university degree in business management and accounting.

Ath'ran founded the Protectors of Antiquity because of a firm belief in the existence of divine beings and artifacts that was instilled in him by stories his grandmother had told him as a child. Initially the business consisted of himself and Riyad, but he soon asked Du'shan to join them, partly as an act of charity to his cousin, and later hired Jin and Nyr as well. During this time, he married a Solacian woman named Lisa and had four children, Riyad, Kimberly, Gaelen, who died as a young child, and Paelah. Just as his business began to accomplish what he had originally wanted to do, that is locating and identifying the Shards, Ath'ran chose to resign from his position as manager, leaving that position to Riyad, and took a different job to better support his family.

Grew up with, lived with, and worked with Riyad and his cousin, Du'shan for many years
Hired Nyr and Jin to work at his business
Knows Rabbit and Alan through their patronage of the Protectors of Antiquity
Met Julian, Cross, and Surge as a result of the search for the Shards

First appearance: Book 1, chapter 11