Name: Ashe Torim

Age: Unknown, assumed early forties

Height: 5'7"

Notable features: An uncanny physical similarity to Yoko; is never seen without his datapad

Occupation: Personal assistant to James Maxwell

Likes: Hooded sweatshirts, comfortable shoes, abstract art, grape soda

Dislikes: Brushing his hair, wearing a tie, bright lights, the color white

Skills: Multi-tasking

Very little is known about Ashe's past before meeting Maxwell while the latter was in college. He played a primary role in engineering his rise to political power and in keeping his business running smoothly. It wouldn't be inaccurate to say that Ashe's entire life revolves around Maxwell, from running his business to getting him elected to helping him to raise his children. There may be a lot more to Ashe than there seems to be, but he's not telling anyone what that is.

Is intimately involved in the lives of James, Julian, and Phineas Maxwell
Knows Rabbit through the work he's done for Maxwell
Met Surge, Cross, and Riyad when Maxwell was holding Surge hostage

First appearance: Book 1, chapter 9