Name: Alan Keys

Age: Unknown, approximately 2500 years

Height: 5'10"

Notable features:

Occupation: Necromancer and occult shop owner

Likes: Money, collecting valuable things, being right, sleeping in

Dislikes: Danger, losing, being wrong

Skills: Among others, the ability to make what he believes to be real a reality in fact and the ability to resurrect the dead

Born in approximately 220 BC (1979 AD), Alan was attacked by a man out to steal and inhabit his body when he was 21. Alan managed to turn the tables on his attacker, learning all of the supernatural knowledge the man had, but went insane as a result of the trauma of the attack combined with being unable to process the sheer amount of new information that had been put into him. Though it took him several decades to finally be able to function normally, he is still rather unstable and manic. Over a much more extended period of time he worked to understand and control all of the knowledge and the associated power he had gained. In order to remain alive over extended periods of time, however, he must follow the example of the man who attacked him and steal the bodies of others.

Several years after the Cataclysm, Alan found Quinn and decided to keep and raise the young demon. The two developed a pseudo-father-son relationship over time, and Alan taught Quinn many tenets of the sorcery he had learned prior to the Cataclysm. After several hundred years of wandering and collecting ancient and old world artifacts, the two finally settled in Solace and opened the occult shop where they currently live and work.

As a general rule, Alan restrains himself from becoming involved in events around him due to his pseudo-immortality. He has no wish to do anything that doesn't directly contribute to his own longevity and comfort.

Friends with Rabbit and adoptive father to Quinn
Regularly does business buying items from Yoko
Met Julian when he came into the shop
Knows Caine's identity as the Oracle, but has never met him

First appearance: Book 1, chapter 8